Meredith Willa has worked with a number of clients on a variety of projects since she began consulting work in 2007. Some of her past and current clients include:

Meredith also worked as a Grants Manager for the federal Head Start program where she provided financial oversight and guidance to 13 Head Start grantees in California and the Pacific Islands, monitoring their performance and outcomes. She began her career with the Medical and Health Research Association in New York City where she liaised between families and city services to ensure the appropriate delivery of services to children with developmental delays and other special needs.

Client Work

Most client work ihealth care images internal and confidential, so we do not post examples of our work on our website. However, some samples are available upon request. To view an example of Meredith’s publicly-released work, she was the lead researcher and author of Health Care and Small Businesses: Understanding Health Care Decision-Making in California while she was a full-time employee at Pacific Community Ventures. For additional examples or for client references, please contact us directly.



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